IBM Deutschland GmbH - April 1971 to April 1973

Technical Assistant:

responsible for IBM 360 Models with Peripherie (Printers, DASD, Tapes, Card Reader, Puncher, ...)

IBM Laboratories Boeblingen, Germany - May 1973 to December 1975

Operations Manager:

started as a Console Operator for about 6 months; then became Shift-Leader for approximately 3 months; then took over

the Operations Management for IBM 360 and IBM 370 environment

IBM Laboratories Boeblingen, Germany - January 1976 to October 1979

Systems Support:

responsible for an IBM internal system called CLEAR - CASTER which was based on MVT 21.6 and later on MVS

support for all Laboratories in EMEA (Boeblingen, Hursley, La Gaude, Lidingoe, Vienna, Kuwait)

development and prototyping of ISPF which later on became a product for MVS/TSO environment and VM/CMS

development of networking capabilities for RSCS and JES2

IBM Laboratories Boeblingen, Germany - November 1979 to June 1982

Systems Support:

responsible for VM/CMS environment including networking in the Laboratory Boeblingen

development and prototyping of a Batchmonitor System, running under CMS with Mass Storage Support

and networking support for Distributed Data Processing

design of VM Backup and Archive System (VMBARS)

IBM Laboratories Boeblingen, Germany - July 1982 to March 1983

Plans and Controls:

responsible for hard and software planning within the Computing Center of the Boeblingen Laboratories

established change management process

IBM Laboratories Boeblingen, Germany - April 1983 to December 1983

Customer Support:

design, create and operate a user help desk environment

customer education on networking in the Education Center of the Boeblingen Laboratory

IBM Europe - January 1984 to September 1988

Technical Management of the European Academic and Research Network (EARN):

responsible for the design, implementation and operation of above network which was based on RSCS and NJE protocols

linked to BITNET in the U.S. via terrestrial and satellite connections

design and implementation of GULFnet

IBM Europe - October 1988 to June 1993

Manager - European Academic Supercomputer Initiative Network (EASInet):

responsible for the design and implementation of above network

creation of a multi-protocol environment supporting SNA, DECnet, X.25, OSI and IP

responsible for the co-operation with GMD (Gesellschaft fuer Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung) in Bonn which

was in charge of the operation of this large backbone in Europe

implementation the first trans-atlantic connection at T1- speed between CERN, Geneva and the Cornell Theory Center

participate in IETF and NSFnet meetings

co-operation with the NSFnet operational team in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and U.S. government officials responsible

for the U.S. end (Steven Wolf and Steven Goldstein)

member of the Internet Society

migration of EASInet into EBONE

IBM Europe - July 1993 to February 1996

Networking Manager - Scientific Technical Computing and Education

build Information System based on World Wide Web for ACIS community

migration of the GOPHER services

create network environment to foster communications among schools (K12 program and support)

IBM Corporate - March 1996 to October 2000

Manager - IBM Emergency Response Services for EMEA

responsible for Internet and Virus Emergency Response Service

Marketing and Sales support included parts of Asia Pacific as well

established test and support centers in these regions if appropriate

participation in the National Infrastructure Protection Committee discussions about cyber attacks

speaker of the International Computer Security Institute (Information Warfare)

IBM Corporate - November 2000 to June 2002

Manager - IBM Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions

responsible for services protecting critical infrastructure and supporting the capability

of dealing with the threat of cyber attacks. Critical infrastructure comprises the

services that we depend on daily such as bank and finance, telecommunications,

gas, oil, electric power, transportation, emergency services and government

In June 2002 I took early retirement from IBM. New challenges were waiting.