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Beat the Hackers with their own Weapons Article on ethical hacking written by Peter Streibelt, EMEA ERS Marketing Manager. Published in the Zurich-based weekly paper Schweizerische Handelszeitung No. 19 of 12th May 1999
IBM CERT Article on the various skill levels in a CERT written by Peter Streibelt, EMEA ERS Marketing Manager. Published in the monthly journal Personal No. 2, February 1999
Hacking cum laude Article on Internet Security written by Peter Streibelt, EMEA ERS Marketing Manager
More than 170 banks, internet providers, editing houses, radio and TV stations fell victim to pro-Serbian hackers during the Kosovo war. The hackers aimed at the largest possible damage they could cause. War without bombs - war via Internet. In order to prevent such methods or aggravate circumstances, IT companies such as IBM employ specialists who try to break into their customers' systems the way hackers do. They detected vulnerabilities and eliminate them. This is called the homeopathic method which aims at beating the hackers with their own weapons. This method has proved to be so successful and helpful that a full range of new and interesting jobs has opened up. The educational preconditions, however, are rather demanding.
Published in the Zurich-based monthly journal iomanagement No.11/1999.
Publisher: ETH-Zentrum für Unternehmenwissenschaften BWI
Roots of the net Presentation on the occasion of a conference titled "Wie das Netz nach Deutschland kam" held in Bonn, April 27th 2006
Security in an High Performance Computing Environment This presentation was given at the International Supercomputer Conference in Dresden, June 29th 2006.