New Challenges

It has been a principle throughout my life to create and be productive. My profession at IBM Corporation gave me plenty of opportunity to do so. Leaving IBM in June 2002 has changed my life style to a certain extend. My principle, however, has not changed whatsoever and it will not in future. In fact, having left the big organization offers to me the opportunity to accept new challenges in the vast field of information technology in a new way, which I am welcoming whole-heartedly.

Experience, skill, and expertise in network technology are immensely valuable and real assets in today's world of networks, and I was lucky enough to acquire such values and to contribute to these assets. So, when I started a business of my own in autumn 2002, it was only a logical consequence of my previous life. Thus, Skarab@eus a company in partnership came into existence.

The Skarab@eus portfolio comprises General Technology Services, Security Consulting, Critical Infrastructure Protection Services, Training, and Fire Drills.

To break it more down, General Technology Services deal with networking (Internet, intranet/extranet solutions), development of scalable database solutions and the development and analysis of network topologies and network design.
Security Consulting covers auditing, assessment, policy framework, incident management and incident handling as well as studies.
Critical Infrastructure Protection Services support security with vulnerability assessments, compliance testing, security workshops.
Training is offered to individuals and groups, technical staff and management and comprises networking and security, incident management and forensics, also information warfare.
Fire drills teach action and reaction in disaster recovery and incident handling.
The following links lead to short summaries or abstracts that define technical terms or outline thus promoting the reader's understanding for information technology and its complex security environment. It is also a glimpse at Skarab@eus' work.

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